Rinocloud integrations.

All of our language integrations are open source, so you can add functionality, and re-distribute as you see fit. All our libraries are MIT License.

Rinocloud for python

A Python library for managing datasets. It make it easy to save all your data and parameters and to organise your data locally. Optionally save to Rinocloud.

Rinocloud for MATLAB

A MATLAB library for saving experimental/simulation data to Rinocloud.

Rinocloud for LabView

A set of vi's for connecting Rinocloud to LabView. You can browse all your files from within LabView and save all your experimental data and parameters to the Rinocloud servers.

Rinocloud API explorer

Explore the Rinocloud API so you can make your own data apps. You'll need your Rinocloud API key.

More coming soon

Send us an email at eoin@rinocloud.com to request an integration.